What have you, as a marketing & branding professional, always wished for? Take a minute to think about it. 

We guarantee, anyone who works in marketing constantly wishes for the last foggy layer that shrouds their target audience to be magically lifted. Finding accurate insights about a customer’s decision-making process, purchasing behaviour and perception about your brand requires you to have the most detailed understanding of their personas. You may be able to narrow them down to a large extent but last mile targeting is what leads to effectively communicating with them. 

It is exactly this task that automation and artificial intelligence tools seek to simplify. 

Yet, some believe that automation and AI tools are complex to use and the results are consequently inconclusive. However, the exact opposite is true. Compared to traditional methods, automating tasks leads to more significant ROI, increased sales, and better customer retention. Artificial Intelligence systems are trained to scour through millions of data points to help identity best practices.  

Traditional Research Methods Vs. Automation 

Traditional methods of reaching out to audiences and arriving at accurate consumer insights left a lot to be desired. It was a time-consuming and expensive method that did not always bear fruit. The problems were plenty: 

  • Door-to-door difficulties: Physically reaching out to people and finding relevant samples to participate in surveys was difficult. 
  • Audience exhaustion: Reaching out to the same set of audiences for all your research may not provide you with deeper insights. 
  • Survey bias: Traditionally, participants were incentivized to participate in surveys which could lead to biases. 
  • Delayed results: Time consuming data collection and analysis process meant delayed insights and danger of them not being applicable anymore. 
  • Expensive undertaking: Time and effort taken to conduct a research project was huge and the costs are directly proportional to that. 
  • No transparency: The data collection and analysis parts are usually a mystery to the clients. 

However, with platforms like Pyxis Insights, almost all these problems are solved. Automating the process of data collection and analysis boosts efficiency enormously. The advantages are plenty: 

  • Digital audience base: As a brand, you already have a gold-mine of data about your audiences through your interactions with them online. 
  • Platformspecific audience inventory: Reach out to audiences across various digital platforms and know exactly how your target audience behaves. 
  • Unincentivized audience: Pyxis Insights has access to an extensive inventory of unincentivized audiences, thereby ensuring you get accurate consumer insights. 
  • Real-time results: Get a deeper understanding of your target audiences in real-time by watching how their opinions and behavior change over a period. 
  • Enhanced efficiency: When you’re in doubt, immediately set up a survey and clear them out. Running multiple surveys at the same time is also a possible. 
  • Dynamic dashboard: View the results of your research on the dashboard. 

Use AI To Understand Your Most Profitable Audience Personas 

To increase your communication effectiveness, you need to craft relevant messages. For that, knowing who you are talking to is important. Understanding your audience extremely well means identifying exactly what makes them tick. Once you have that knowledge it becomes easy to forge a personal relationship with them. The question is – where to begin the process? 

Start with breaking down your macro audience into micro segments. You can bank on the Pyxis AI to break your micro segments into pico segments based on every possible customer preference. To get lucrative consumer insights, it is best to conduct finely targeted brand, sales and product researches. Once the AI understands who you are looking to target, it can assist in unlocking these hidden personas and connecting you with them.  

Automation Increases Efficiency and Accuracy 

With the right market research tool, the analytics it provides will give you critical insights into where to focus your time and resources. You can run multiple surveys, at the same time, to understand audience perceptions of different aspects of your brand and business. You will no longer need to expend effort to get the customer data you need. Instead, Pyxis Insights will collect it automatically across platforms and target segments in real-time.  

As with most types of innovation in business, there is always a little pushback as we get stuck in the idea of ‘this is how we’ve always done things, and it works.’ 

It took a lot of time and resources to structure your current market research system. If it’s not broken, you don’t need to fix it — right? But don’t allow yourself to fall into the sunk-cost fallacy trap. 

Shifting to an automated system may sound like a hassle but, it is not. Pyxis Insights will take you no time to start hearing from your audience. Your team can start focusing on progressing in other areas of growth as technology handles the research tasks automatically.  

Real-Time Analytics Translates to Real-Time Action 

If you’ve ever been late to the show in catching a trend that could have significantly boosted your sales or customer retention, you understand how frustrating it is to have a lag in your marketing feedback. The bottom line is this: delayed analytics leads to delayed action, which costs you time and money. But it doesn’t need to be that way.  

With automation we’re in the age of limitless potential (and unlimited competition). So your business’s growth depends on your ability to react quickly and jump on new trends as they happen. Better yet, the right data can help you identify trends before they happen. Instead of playing catch-up to adjust your strategy to a trend that is already in full swing, isn’t it better to be one of the first on the field? 

Traditionally, marketing firms would need to conduct extensive research with tools like focus groups to gain some clarity into changing trends. This took a lot of time. But with access to a robust suite of marketing tools, your business can jump ahead of the pack. You can then devise solutions that fit your customers’ needs. 

Do You Need AI-driven Marketing Automation Tools? 

Here are a few quick questions for you to analyze what automation can do for you and why automation can come in handy when you are hard-pressed to accomplish certain tasks. 

  • Can you identify, track, and engage your individual target customers online? 
  • Can you prioritize customers based on their intention to consider your product or service? 
  • Are you accurately analyzing your funnel to filter out prospective leads based on their behavior, interest, or engagement? 
  • Are you able to measure the revenue contribution of every campaign? 
  • Can you perform the above tasks without a lot of effort? 

No? Then with AI-driven marketing tools, it becomes a breeze. 

At Pyxis, we strive to provide cognitive marketing solutions and research insights to our clients using intelligent technology. We understand that marketing is both a science and an art. This understanding helps us create AI-driven solutions to meet your marketing and market research needs. The Pyxis suite of tools can analyze data to help you make smarter decisions based on reliable customer insights.  

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