An Intelligent Solution To Help You Streamline Your Creative Teams, Marketing Teams, And Campaigns

Today’s artificial intelligence capabilities make it easier to get the most from your marketing campaigns. However, the key is to find the right tool to optimize performance. If you’re considering a tool to implement AI in your marketing efforts to improve creative automation and workflow, there are several advantages of using our tool.

What Is Pyxis CoCreate?

Developed specifically for creative teams, Pyxis CoCreate is an innovative automation tool. The objective of the tool is to help marketers improve their team’s creative output remarkably, using Artificial Intelligence. The tool offers several benefits that you are unlikely to get with other tools in the market. With Pyxis CoCreate, you can:

  • Quickly store and locate all your brand assets in a centralized Digital Asset Management (DAM) system
  • Improve Brand Governance by creating or uploading your brand guidelines to maintain brand consistency
  • Automate the creative production process by generating and resizing creatives at scale.
  • Organize and expedite the approval and feedback process, thereby allowing seamless team collaboration.

These features help reduce turnaround time by standardizing the flow of information and streamlining the communication process.

The Advantages of Pyxis CoCreate

Unbeatable Value

In marketing, time and timing are everything, and Pyxis CoCreate is designed to optimize exactly that. It allows marketing teams to concentrate on strategy instead of execution by eliminating the hassle of exporting, saving, and emailing content to managers for approval. Instead, your team can now collaborate and provide feedback directly on the tool, with all communication history saved for convenience. Whether you need to resize creatives, find campaign learnings, locate a file, or provide feedback – it can all be done directly on the platform.

Creative AI That Learns from Your Campaigns

The Artificial Intelligence integrated solution helps you understand your creatives in a way that was not possible before. Creatives from past campaigns, sitting idle in folders across your system, hold the secrets to successful future campaigns. Our creative AI unravels those secrets by combing through your creatives to understand why some of them performed better than the others.

It does so by analyzing visual elements, keywords usage, copy placement, models used, color, design, and much more. Based on this thorough analysis, you can make data-backed decisions on designing your next campaign’s creatives to gain maximum ROI.

Digital Asset Management

Untitled word files, downloaded PDFs, strangely named JPEGS & PNG files, tons of scattered folders – a common sight on every marketing professional’s desktop. No matter how many times you organize it, after a day’s work, it is back to being chaotic.

Pyxis CoCreate provides a simple solution. A Digital Asset Management system for you to store, categorize, and organize files. With smart tagging and sophisticated search capabilities, you can never lose a file anymore. You can sift through your stored creatives to understand which of them attracted the most viewers, saw the highest levels of engagement, yielded the highest ROI, and other KPIs. And perhaps, less importantly, you will always have a clean and organized desktop!

Brand Governance

Every marketer strives to maintain brand consistency across different platforms. Brand elements, such as logos, colors, fonts, tone, and much more, must be communicated in a unified manner. This consistency builds trust and comfort in the minds of the customers. For that, there must be communication consistency within the organization first.

Pyxis CoCreate allows you to create your guidelines from scratch, upload, and update your existing guidelines. Your teams can then refer to this central location for the brand rules. So, when any team member needs to refer to the guidelines, they can bank on finding the right one on the tool. Thus, eliminating the issue of inconsistency within your organizations itself.

Many times, when new members join the organization, the transfer of brand knowledge becomes confusing. With centrally-located brand guidelines, this problem becomes redundant. You can simply authorize them to view the tool’s guidelines and empower them to connect with your audiences quickly.

AI-Led Creative Automation

Creative teams spend hours designing a creative, perfecting it, and adapting it into different sizes for dissemination on multiple platforms. It sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Yet, what takes hours takes us no time to complete!

The Pyxis CoCreate Creative Automation feature empowers your creative teams to whip up perfect creatives in a matter of minutes. You can generate highly personalized creatives that appeal to your specific audience sets, based on their interests. In addition to design, you can auto-resize creatives at scale. 

Hyper-personalized creatives

Imagine this – you approve a set of creatives, it goes live on social media, but it does not perform as well as you wanted it to because of your one-size-fits-all approach.

The hyper-personalization feature on our tool solves this problem precisely. It generates creatives based on the specific interests of your target audience. Your core messaging remains the same; however, you have now hyper-personalized it to appeal to the niche interests of your audiences. You are thereby increasing the odds of your audience engaging with them.

Creative Resizing

Now, let’s say you have designed a creative. How do you go about adapting them into different channel-specific sizes? If your answer is – manually – then you’re going about it the long way.

On Pyxis CoCreate, you can automate that process and generate over 60 size adaptations with just a few clicks! What makes us truly stand apart is that while auto-resizing, the tool remains mindful of resizing even the smallest elements in the creative. Other resizing tools may not account for small or border elements, leading to more manual resizing that takes time and effort.

Align All Your Teams On One Tool

To help you maximize efficiency and get the best results for your marketing efforts, our tool includes several other features in addition to our AI-driven features.

  • Customizable approval workflows to organize the approval process
  • Feedback cycles maintained directly on the tool eliminating the need to leave the dashboard, thereby saving time
  • Management of access and role authorizations, guaranteeing the safety of your brand assets and team accountability
  • All feedback and communication history can be maintained on the tool for your teams to refer to at any point in time

With all the above-illustrated features, Pyxis CoCreate offers a truly superior method of collaborating and creating.

Being an AI-led marketing cloud start-up, Pyxis One strives to harness the powers of Artificial Intelligence and outstanding technology to solve various marketing problems. While Pyxis CoCreate concentrates on helping Creative teams, our other products concentrate on assisting the Research & Insights teams, Performance Marketing teams, and Social Media teams.

Research & Insights

Our research tool – Pyxis Insights – helps brands discover and analyze data in real-time to arrive at precise and actionable insights. It is aimed at equipping brands with all the information they need to make impactful, data-backed decisions.

Performance Marketing

Pyxis Performance, our flagship tool, uses the data and insights mined to help brands craft excellent media plans that ensure maximum performance. The tool has unique targeting and optimization AI, trained to identify audience niches and optimize campaigns to resonate with them.

Social Media Management

Pyxis Social is one of our most fun tools simply because it’s a social media tool. With this tool, you can:

  • Discover your design and animation skills
  • Reach audiences on multiple channels quickly and simultaneously
  • Stay ahead of schedule and remain constantly connected with your audience
  • Analyze your social media performance, and take corrective action if required

One tool to Create, Animate, Publish, Schedule, and Analyze!

All of the capabilities that you get with the Pyxis One suite of tools make it one of the best options on the market. If you would like to learn more about how your teams can benefit from our tools, contact us and schedule a demo today. 

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