Pyxis Insights is a versatile and advanced market research tool that uses a unique digital audience inventory to generate real-time insights for brands. Pyxis Insights incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to help brands discover and analyze research data in real-time to arrive at precise and actionable insights. 

Through the following paragraphs, we introduce you to our innovative tool, with tips on using it to put your brand ahead of the competition.

Your Key to Actionable Intelligence: Redefining Business Strategies Using Advanced Research Designs

Pyxis Insights helps you determine the value in the research data that is being collected. You can then use the actionable business insights to evaluate and validate, or redefine your business strategies.

The tool does that through 20+ research designs, all focussed on helping you solve particular problems you face with your business. Be it market research, product research, customer behaviour, sales analysis, tracking competitor performance, tracking your own brand’s performance, any problem at all – Pyxis Insights will equip you with the appropriate research design to find a solution.

Your Key to Growth: Authentic, Accurate and Real-Time Insights

Audience tastes, preferences and behaviour constantly change. The insights you gained about them last month may not hold true this month. So then, how do you ensure your brand grows when customer behaviour is so highly dynamic and unpredictable?

One of the most effective ways to ensure growth is through constant and real-time research. Pyxis Insights allows you to monitor customer behaviour and brand performance across time periods and in real-time. With an extensive, un-incentivised audience inventory spanning multiple channels, you can rest assured of gaining authentic and accurate insights. The tool also has a mechanism to weed out faulty, or bot, audiences thereby guaranteeing quality responses only.

Your Key To Extraordinary Surveys: Quick Setup Survey-Builder

Asking the right questions is necessary to arrive at an accurate answer for why your marketing efforts failed or succeeded. Many times, audiences intuitively reject or engage with your efforts. Therefore, you need to bring them to consciously recall why they behaved a certain way.

To do that, you need to ask the right questions. One of the highlights of our tool is the survey-builder feature. You can create powerful surveys in just minutes, with a wide variety of in-built questionnaire and survey logics. Either use one of the in-built templates or create one of your own from scratch to arrive at answers for all your questions. Participants in each unique survey respond in real-time, enhancing your objectives through cross-platform performance-based learning. 

Superior Collaboration And Communication
Superior Collaboration And Communication

Your Key to Increased Productivity: One Tool Many, Teams

Your product, marketing, and sales teams all need to collect and analyze data to accurately understand the results of their individual efforts. Imagine the hassle of conducting research separately to analyse data for each team, keeping track of the execution and results for each team, co-relating it to performance and then redefining strategies appropriately!

With Pyxis Insights, you can empower all your teams to gain accurate insights from one single dashboard. Your product teams can conduct a Price Perception test to understand optimal pricing that appeals to customers and is profitable for you. Your marketing teams can use the tool to understand how well your creatives will perform through A/B testing them before launching. You can conduct a Driver Analysis to gauge which features have the most impact and empower your sales teams to redefine their strategies to emphasise these features. Insights for 3 distinct teams on one versatile platform.  

Tailor-Made Service Models For Your Comfort

If you have decided to use Pyxis Insights for your research needs, you can pick from the three service models we offer: 

  • SaaS – Simply sign-up with us and begin exploring on your own. You can manage your research efforts, and contact our experts only if you need help
  • Hybrid – A service model where your team experts work with our team to ensure you arrive at the best results for your business
  • Fully-Managed – Our team completely manages all your research needs and gives you all the assistance you may need

With Pyxis Insights you can look forward to speedy insights for all teams on one dashboard. While the paragraphs above detail mostly the important features we offer, there are many more features that the tool is equipped with. We cordially invite you to contact us today to learn more about Pyxis Insights, and understand if it is the right fit for your brand. To learn more about Pyxis Insights’ recent funding round, you may enjoy the October 28, 2020, article from business-standard US Based AI Marketing Cloud Startup Pyxis Raises USD 7 Million in Series A Funding.

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