It cannot be emphasized enough that creatives are crucial assets in marketing and advertising. In this era of waning attention spans, it is one of the most effective mediums for brands to grab attention and drive engagement quickly. Hence, it’s not surprising that marketers spend hours going back and forth with their creative teams to ensure ads are attractive, informative, persuasive, and engaging. Yet, many times they fail to make an impression. Today, brands still design generic creatives that lack personal appeal and, therefore, seldom inspire audience engagement.

The secret to creating effective ads is to tailor-make them based on your audience personas. Different design aspects such as font, color, text placement, human elements, keywords, background, and much more, influence the way people perceive your brand. One design could appeal to a specific demographic of people while another may not. Thus, a one size fits all approach with creatives will not work anymore. 

Persona-based Creatives: Remedying The ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach

At first glance, persona-based advertising may seem like a Herculean task that will keep creative teams engaged for way too long. Imagine designing creatives for the thousands of your customer personas! Fortunately, you don’t have to do that manually. Pyxis CoCreate can help you do that with a few clicks. However, the key here is to ensure the ideal creative composition appeal to every persona. While persona-based ads are one layer, the more complex layer is identifying the exact combination of creative elements that will persuade your target audience to engage with the ad.

This is where things get interesting and exciting for marketers. Pyxis CoCreate’s Creative Intelligence analyzes thousands of data points on a brand’s creatives from past campaigns. The AI detects the audience’s engagement patterns and maps them to the element on the creative that inspired the engagement. This enables the AI to recommend the ideal design and layouts of your creatives for your next campaign.

Creative Intelligence analyzes and acts on reliable data, thereby reducing creative guesstimation. With Pyxis CoCreate’s Creative Intelligence, you can:

  • Greatly Increase Creative Relevance

Consumer psychology has shown that customers seldom ignore content that appeals to their personal tastes and preferences. Creative Intelligence can accurately recommend designs that will appeal to different personas of your audiences. You will therefore be increasing your creative relevance through persona-based design and communication. 

  • Drive performance

Data-backed creatives drive higher performance. When users are presented with content that speaks to them, they are driven to engage with it, which can drive more conversions.

  • Create a highly loyal community

When you consistently provide users with creatives that they can engage with, it boosts trust and loyalty among the users. Loyal customers are the backbone of every company. They can, in turn, bring in more users to your brand through shares and recommendations.

  • Eliminate Ad-fatigue

Creative Intelligence provides you with a plethora of design variants within a short period. Revamping your creatives frequently eliminates ad-fatigue and removes the monotony of the browsing experience. Instead of deploying the same creatives and fatiguing users on a platform that already has tonnes of other content vying for their attention, Creative Intelligence ensures your users are engaged.

  • Build a competitive advantage

Creative Intelligence can analyze changing audience interests on-the-go and provide brands with dynamic recommendations. This helps quickly adapt to the latest trends, thereby giving you a rather unfair but needed advantage over your competitors.

  • Increased ROI

Creative relevance increases engagement and aids in bettering brand performance. It drastically decreases the time, effort, and money that goes into creating and refreshing your designs frequently. And most importantly, it stretches your advertising dollars more effectively by gathering new customers into your fold!

The Creative Intelligence and Hyper-Personalization duo can quickly solve the efficiency and efficacy problems faced by brands today. Rather than assuming what could work with your target audience, Creative Intelligence tells you what has historically worked, thereby allowing you to make informed decisions. Coupled with the Hyper-Personalization feature, Creative Intelligence helps you with relevant and data-driven creatives to penetrate deeper into your customer base. With the added advantage of reduced turn-around-time!

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